There are some services you need to engage in person, such as finding a personal trainer or hiring a new nanny. However when you're looking for web based services such as internet hosting, there's really only one place to look: online. Because web hosting is done remotely, you can contract out to a company based anywhere in the world. Therefore your options for web hosting in Toronto are the same as they would be anywhere else in Canada or even in the world. The only real barrier is language. You'll want an English speaking company just in case you need tech support.

Most people who are starting up their own websites aren't doing so with the intention of using up a lot of bandwidth. They're just creating a blog or posting pictures of their pets online or creating an online business card that will serve as a landing point for people looking for them online. For these types of basic sites, basic hosting services on a partitioned server will do. Depending on the company, you can get one site hosting privileges for between five and fifteen dollars a month plus the yearly fee to register your site's domain name.

If you're planning on making a living online by creating many websites or creating a high traffic site with a lot of downloadable or streamable content, you're going to need a more heavy duty hosting package. Unless your company is big enough to hire a computer specialist to design and run your own server, you will need to find a company that offers dedicated server hosting. Buying dedicated server space is a lot more expensive - upwards of $100 per month - so if you're going to go this route you'll want to make sure that your site is extremely commercially viable or you may not break even, especially in the first few months.

Finally, there maybe some advantages having a professional expert involved in the web design of your company website. Much like did, and now has a fantastic website to show for it.

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