If your child or grandchild lives abroad, it can be quite a pain to continually apply for visas to visit them or in the case where you don't need a visa, to have to return home after six months because your visitor's vacation time is up. That's why the Canadian government has designed a super visa especially for parents and grandparents. With it, you can visit your child or grandchild in Canada for up to two years at a time. You also get multiple entries for a ten year period without having to renew your super visa.

However, in order to qualify for a super visa, the government will want to make sure that you won't be a drain on the already taxed, government-supported health care system, so you must have health insurance before your application is approved. The government wants $100,000 in health insurance coverage paid up front for the first year even if you're not staying the full year, with a promise to keep up your coverage if you stay the full two years. This insurance costs about $1,500 for the year, so factor that into your travel budget. Insurance companies selling trip insurance don't generally offer monthly payment options.

When you go online or into a travel office to find super visa insurance, make sure you're dealing with a reputable company before you hand over any money. There are plenty of immigration scam artists out there who will abscond with your fees, so check with friends and relatives who have visited their kids in Canada and see who they used - and whether that company was trustworthy. The Insurance Bureau of Canada website it a good place to find companies and learn about insurance. Canada's Better Business Bureau also maintains a list of insurance companies with good ratings by customers.

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