Whenever the discussion veers itself towards donations many people automatically assume that the only way to donate is by giving money. While it's a very nice gesture to donate your hard earned income to a worthy cause money isn't the only thing you can donate whenever donations are being asked for.

Your time, skills, clothing and food are just a few other examples of types of donations that will never be turned down. The thing with donations is the organizations looking for donations will take anything and everything they can get. They know how difficult it can be to donate money that you received from working hard at your job and they don't want you to feel obligated to have to fork over your cash as soon as you get it. There are many ways of donating to charities that doesn't involve money and they can be found no matter where you live.

For example, many groceries have food donation bins set up where you can drop non-perishable food items to those that don't always get enough food to eat throughout the course of the day. It's pretty simple really, as all you have to do is drop off food items in the bin. That's it! The great thing about food donation bins is you can donate food items whenever you want so you don't have to worry about losing hours at your job. Also, some restaurants have decided to make very specific "food badges" that you can purchase from their establishments to give to homeless people that allows for them to trade in their "food badge" for a real meal. It's an innovate take on donating but one that might become more mainstream in the coming years.

Then there are always organizations like The Salvation Army that will accept donations of used clothing and household items that they can then in turn sell and use towards funding their non-profit organizations. There are also plenty of clothing drop-off boxes pretty much in every city if you don't have the time because of the demands of your job to donate to The Salvation Army in person.

You also shouldn't forget one of the most traditional methods of donating, which is donating your time and skills through volunteering. Volunteer work is the ultimate form of donating and many charitable organizations can always use a helping hand or two, whether it's to help feed the homeless, spend time with children, take advantage of your experience to deliver food to seniors. No matter how little time you have or how specialized your skills are they are always going to be more than welcome!

As you can see donating takes many shapes and forms other than money and no type of donation will ever be refused!

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